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2019.12.11 留学生向け情報

「外国人留学生と企業の交流会2020 in TOYOHASHI」【参加留学生大募集】(受付終了しました)

「外国人留学生と企業の交流会2020 in TOYOHASHI」の実施について 




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1 開催概要

 ① 日時:2020年1月29日(水)13:30-17:30(受付13:00より)

 ② 会場:豊橋技術科学大学 


  ・第1部:豊橋技術科学大学 附属図書館1F

  ・第2部:豊橋技術科学大学 福利厚生施設2F ひばりラウンジ

 ③ 内容:






 ④ 共催:愛知県
      在日ベトナム学生青年協会東海支部(VYSA TOKAI)

 ⑤ 後援:豊橋技術科学大学、豊橋商工会議所
 ⑥ 協力:一般社団法人グローバル愛知、Man to Man Group

2 募集内容

 ① 対象者:予約制(先着順)定員30名





 ② 参加費:無料 

 ③ 申込方法:以下 「交流会申込フォーム(留学生用)」よりお申し込みいただけます。   

3 締め切り 



Application is closed

1 About the Event

 ① Date and Time:January 29th (Wed) 13:30-17:30(Reception start at 13:00)

 ② Place: Toyohashi University of Technology 

How to access:

  ・Part 1:Toyohashi University of Technology, Library 1F

  ・Part2 :Toyohashi University of Technology, Welfare Facility 2F Hibawari Lounge

 ③ Program:

  ・Part 1:・International Students in Aichi Pref.

                      ・Towards hiring and training highly skilled global human resources

                       (Panel Discussion):English)

       (Global Aichi・Toyohashi University of Technology,

                        Companies and Students in Aichi Pref.)

         ・Workshop of international students and companies(English)

  ・Part 2:Banquette

 ④ Organizer:Aichi Prefectural Government

 ⑤ Co-organizers:

                          Vietnamese Aichi Ryugakusei OB・OG Network(VARONET)

                    Vietnamese Youth and Students Association(VYSA TOKAI)

 ⑥ Support :Toyohashi University of Technology, Toyohashi Chamber of Commerce

 ⑦ Assistance:Global Aichi, Man to Man Group

2 Registration

 ① Who is eligible:Registration is required(limited to 30 students)

            Students currently enrolled in Universities in Aichi pref., including colleges.

   ※Application can be closed if number of registrations reach limits. Apply early.

   ※Reservation is required. 

         ※The event will be held in Japanese

 ② Participation Fee:Free(Free Dress Code)

 ③ How to apply:Apply by clicking [Register Here!] button below.  

3 Registration deadline:

January 20th , (Mon)Application is closed