About This Site


What is Aichi Prefecture「Program for Enhancing the Retention and Active Participation of International Students」?

Promote students studying in Aichi and Aichi companies.
Promote mutual understanding, and provide place for exchange.
In order that more global talents will work in Aichi we provide following.

  • ・Create brochure for facilitation of employment of foreign students.
  • ・Hold course for companies how to use foreign students.
  • ・Hold Aichi Prefecture Summer Internship.
  • ・Hold seminar for international students.
  • ・Hold company visit tour for international students.
  • ・Hold exchange meeting of companies and international students.
  • ・Provide support desk for companies and international students.

We aim to rise value of Aichi as global region by rising value of international students studying in Aichi and companies by training human resources and facilitate industry.